From the Archives: Ettore Boiardi

As far as food brand mascots are concerned, did you know that Chef Hector Boyardee was a real person? Born Ettore Boiardi (1897–1985) in Piacenza, Italy, he emigrated to New […]

Recipe: The Hurricane, 1930

THE HURRICANE James “Jimmy” Charters, CIRO’S, London, 1930 For a decade before the rum cocktail as we know it appeared in 1940, the Hurricane was a whisky-based drink! Variations appeared […]

Tiki Book Release

“Ninety Years of Classic San Diego Tiki” book pick-up and signing events in San Diego January 14-20, 2020.

My Ship Has Come In

“Ninety Years of Classic San Diego Tiki” books have arrived in the Port of Long Beach!

Where Is My Book?

One might say, it’s on a “slow boat from China,” literally. Our shipment of Tiki books is on the cargo vessel OOCL Beijing, en route to the Port of Long Beach, California.