Bibliographic Sources

A listing of primary and secondary source materials for the research into the fascinating history of Classic San Diego restaurants.

The majority of research for Classic San Diego comes from contemporary newspaper accounts in the Catalina Islander, Chula Vista Star, La Jolla Light, San Diego Daily Journal, San Diego Evening-Tribune, San Diego Sun, and San Diego Union; articles from San Diego Point Newsweekly, Magazine San Diego, San Diego & Point Magazine, San Diego Magazine, San Diego Home & Garden; and from San Diego city directories. Other primary sources include personal interviews, collections and historical archives held by Bancroft Library UC Berkeley, California Secretary of State Corporate Records Division, Coronado Historical Association, Coronado Public Library, Library of Congress, Los Angeles Public Library, McCord Museum Montreal, New York Public Library, the Port of San Diego, San Diego Public Library, San Diego History Center, San Diego Aerospace Museum Collections, SDSU Special Collections and University Archive, UCSD Geisel Library, the records divisions of the City of San Diego and Superior Court of San Diego County, and the US National Archives.

Unpublished Sources

Manuscript Collections, Private Papers and Letters

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Palace Hotel Records, BANC MSS 2006/103, Bancroft Library, UC Berkeley.
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Wilbur and Toni Clark Collection, MS 95-49, Special Collections, UNLV Libraries, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Doctoral Theses

Judith Comer-Schultz. History and historic preservation in San Diego since 1945: Civic identity in America‘s finest city. Doctoral dissertation, Arizona State University, 2011.


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Published Sources

Books, Brochures and Leaflets

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Updated 29 April 2020.