19 Days ’Til Tiki – Shake It Up!

Tiki author Martin S Lindsay
Tiki author Martin S. Lindsay shakes it up at The Headhunter, with Miss Tiki Oasis 2017, Di’ Lovely.

19 | Shake It Up!


Woohoo, my new author photo is here, shot by the incomparable Susana Vestige. Sure it’s “over the top,” but as I like to say, “If you’re gonna ring the bell, ring it loud!”

Mahalo to all for making this happen: Miss Tiki Oasis 2017 Di’ Lovely, Jonny & Ilze Guilmet and their fabulous home tiki bar The Headhunter, Bosko for arting it up, Suzane Tran and Dottie DeVille, makeup/styling.

Remember Tiki always make a great Holiday Gift!



Kickstarter project 27% funded, thank you! 19 days to go…
28 Days of Tiki is a countdown to the funding of my Kickstarter project, Ninety Years of Classic San Diego Tiki – The Book. It’s a visual history and celebration of San Diego and Tijuana’s Polynesian Pop culture, tiki restaurants, bars and cuisine.

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