Aztec Dining Room San Diego

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  1. My name is michael sargent my mother mary h sargent maiden name mary hilda castro mother beatriz castro opened the aztec dining room back in 1939 in old town she also started another aztec dining room up the street on 2152 san diego avenue

    • I sure miss the Aztec restaurant. when i was a child, we would always visit san diego during our summer vacation and the aztec was a “must stop” tradition. When i graduated Navy boot camp in 1983, the Aztec is where we celebrated my graduation. I wish your family still operated a restaurant. the suprema tostado was my favorite.

    • well do i remember Aztec, as my parents and i visited the restaurant every week starting about 1952 or so until it closed. My dad always ordered the #11. I have many happy memories of eating there, even the garlic dressing on the green salad was special. usually i ordered the beef taco. and almost always the sopaipillas with a drizzle of honey on them. such a special restaurant.

    • Hi! My name je veronica Davis. Motjer name last name is bustillos. Your mother, jelped my graNdmother come to the us legaly and bring her 5 children, legally. What a blessing! Id love to meet you!

  2. My mother used to go there long before i was born! I grew up going there and introduced it to my now husband. I have such wonderful memories of the aztec! I was crushed when i discovered it had closed. Is there any chance you’ve opened another restaurant that has those fabulous empanadas?

  3. My grandmother got a job there in 1958; Mother beatriz took a liking to my grandmother, Maria bustillos and sponsored her and her 5 children to become US Citizens! What a gift.

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