Happy Independence Day from Classic San Diego

Naval Training Center San Diego

The travels and experiences of thousands while serving in the US Navy helped to inspire later Polynesian and Tiki crazes. Many of these servicemen came through San Diego at the US Naval Training Center (NTC). Established in 1923 and expanded in 1927, it served as naval boot camp until 1993. Today, its historic structures designed by San Diego architect Frank Walter Stevenson (Glen Abbey Memorial Park, Bush Egyptian Theatre, San Diego YMCA, The Foreign Club and Hotel Comercial in Tijuana, Colonial Hotel in La Jolla, etc) are home to Liberty Station, a mixed-use retail, commercial and residential community.

Here is a souvenir novelty menu from the base’s mess hall, for July 4, 1926. They got cigarettes and candy for dessert!


Cheese      Crackers     Celery      Olives
Young Roast Tom Turkey      Sage Dressing
Giblet Gravy
Asparagus on Toast      Hollandaise Sauce
Mashed Potatoes
Cold Spiced Ham      Combination Salad
Nut Cake      Ice Cream      Mince Pie
Fresh Fruit      Cigarettes      Candy

NTC San Diego

What is it about the old stereotype of sailors and rum? Check out the base architect’s visual pun – NTC’s roads clearly form the shape a bottle.



Citation: Martin S. Lindsay. ‘Happy Independence Day from Classic San Diego.’ Classic San Diego: tasty bites from the history of America’s finest city. Web. <https://classicsandiego.com/2018/07/happy-independence-day-from-classic-san-diego/>

Fourth of July menu, U.S. Naval Training Station, San Diego, 4 July 1926.

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  1. During WWII my uncle was an Army officer in a anti-aircraft unit stationed at NTC. He told met hey had a battery (behind the fence) at the corner of Barnett & Rosecrans street. So think about that next time you drive by that location.

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