Recipe: Grant Grill’s Drambuie Flambé

Grant Grill

How about a little holiday cheer, or a simple way to trim those eyebrows? A classic, after-dinner drink from The Grant Grill, in San Diego’s U.S. Grant Hotel. Back in the ’50s, they had a habit of lighting their food — and drinks — on fire. It’s a recipe that you might not see around too much anymore…

U.S. Grant Hotel logo, 1954

Grant Grill’s Drambuie Flambé

Ralph Pipkin Grant Grill, 1954Recipe for Drambuie Flambé, as made by U.S. Grant Grill bartender Ralph Pipkin, San Diego, 1954. The MacKinnon family’s Drambuie® is a sweet, golden-colored liqueur made from scotch whisky, honey, herbs and spices (40% ABV).

2 oz Drambuie

Pour straight Drambuie in an appropriate glass and touch with a lighted match. Serve immediately.

Makes 1 serving. [Don’t forget to blow it out before drinking, and watch out for hot edges of the glass!]



Citation: Martin S. Lindsay. ‘Recipe: Grant Grill’s Drambuie Flambé.’ Classic San Diego: tasty bites from the history of America’s finest city. Web. <>

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