Ramonas Spanish Kitchen Old San Diego

Matchbook, Martin Lindsay collection.

3 thoughts on “Ramona’s-Spanish-Kitchen-matchbook

  1. My grandmother was the head cook here for over 50 years. I have an original rolling work table from the restaurant that was handed down to me.

    • I Never ate inside, but we had take out at least once a month. We went in the kitchen door and sat watching the women turning tortillas with their fingers. Beef taco and cheese ENCHILADAS. That is what i order when i find a new mExican restaurant, and they have to match rAmona’s kitchen’s deliciousness for me to go back. Back then i was 7, now i am 71.

  2. This started out as a tamale stand in front of my great-great aunt’s house. Later became Ramona’s Spanish Kitchen. Passed down to my aunt Vivian and uncle Joe.

    I spent many days helping in the kitchen and cleaning the patio. There was a huge walk-through cage filled with a lot of canaries. There was also a pond with goldfish. My aunt sold it I don’t remember when.

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