With Gratitude

Any project that requires the sheer amount of research that this did, cannot be accomplished singlehandedly. For the valuable assistance they provided me, I thank the librarians, professionals, and academics. Not to mention all those who so graciously consented to be interviewed.

I am most indebted to all who shared their stories of friends and family: Larry and Susan Baumann, Debra Beilstein, Carol Sue, and Kirsten Kaufmann, Dolly Dimple Schumann-Kester, Dolores Marshall Perlin, and Kathleen Tolen; and for the invaluable knowledge of Sven Kirsten.

To all the friends, collectors, aficionados and Tikiphiles who lent their collections and shared their expertise, I give thanks: Shane Bagnall, Georg Balandran, Jeff Berry, Dennis Borlek, Ben Carroccio, Martin Cate, Arian Collins, Treg Derry, Jonny and Ilze Guilmet, Patrick Jenkins, Chris Nichols, Eric the Redd, Scott Schell, Anthony Schmidt, Mike Skinner, Patrick Sousa, Otto and Baby Doe von Stroheim, all at Tiki Central, Erich Troudt, Steve and Amy Victor, and Dave Warshaw. William Lawrence, executive director of the San Diego History Center. To Julie Perlin Lee, executive director of the Catalina Island Museum. To these trusty librarians and archivists who helped track down elusive items of ephemera: Bob Blankman, custodian of the First American Title Collection; Delores Brownlee, Special Collections and Archives, University of Nevada, Las Vegas; Matt Ferrill, City of Carlsbad; Donna Morales, district clerk for the Port of San Diego; Carol Myers, photo archivist, San Diego History Center; Jill Thrasher, Sherman Library.

To those at MJAD / MJI Premedia that make me look good: John Masar for your mentorship over the years; Linda Clarke, Corey Masar, and Lori Schafer for going over every page; Jaime Lopez and Gene Mosher, who made the images sing.

And last but not least for my family that has had to put up with these shenanigans for years (“oh gawd, he’s going to tell another boring story”)… Julian, Olivia, and especially my trusted editor K.J. Fisher.

Golden OptimisTiki 2 glass, parasol and swizzle

“The L’il Goof” glassware set for “Golden OptimisTiki,” an Optimist Society fundraiser and luau at Bali Hai Restaurant, Shelter Island, 2019. Design, Martin S. Lindsay / Thrive Arts. Glass, South Pacific Promotions. Cocktail parasol, Lounge Loot. Golden swizzle, Grider Adventure Art.